2023 Featured Non-Profits

Welcome to the Missoula Women’s Fair 2023 Featured Non-Profits

Each year, the Women’s Fair features local non-profit organizations that provide much-needed services to women, children and families in our community. Through the event, we feature each non-profit with an exhibitor space and the opportunity to speak on stage about their organization. In addition to raising awareness, we also raise funds for these organizations through the prize packages that are raffled off at the Women’s Fair. 100% of the money raised is donated equally to each organization. We look for non-profits that help women and families succeed in their everyday lives. 

In the past, we have featured organizations like the YWCA of Missoula, the Jadyn Fred Foundation, Partnership for Children, Mountain Home, the Girls Way, Tamarack Grief Resource Center, the Playground Project, Missoula Aging Services, Zootown Arts Community Center, CASA of Missoula, the Flagship Program, Living Arts of Montana, Silver Lining Foundation, Hellgate Rollergirls, Austen Martell Memorial Mud Bog and Tough Trucks, MCT, inc., Girls on Shred, Buckets of Love, Opportunity Resources, inc., and Montana Women Vote.

In order to support their efforts, the Women’s Fair helps to increase awareness of these non-profits so you will learn more and get involved. The work that these special organizations do would not be possible without the generous support of supporters and donors right here in our local community.

Here’s a bit about our 2023 Featured Non-profit Organizations!

The Dubbers Care Foundation

The Dubbers Care Foundation was founded in 2017 by a group of Keller Williams Real Estate Agents looking to give back to their beloved community. Knowing first-hand the importance of having a roof over a family’s head, they built a 501(c)3 to get emergency funds to folks experiencing an emergency or financial crisis. The foundation has since expanded beyond the walls of Keller Williams to include a diverse group of community members devoted to the cause.

The foundation assists with a variety of housing related needs, including: rent or mortgage payments, security deposits, utility bills, and emergency hotel stays. Since its inception, Dubbers Care has donated over $100,000 to 157 families in need in Western Montana.

As a smaller volunteer ran organization, they avoid weeks of wait time and red tape to fill the more immediate needs. The current housing crisis has increased the need in our community for housing support. The elevated demand on the foundation’s resources has increased the need for help from our community. To find out more about how you can help support their important work, be sure you stop by their booth at the Women’s Fair.

The LifeGuard Group

The LifeGuard Group is made up of a group of experts committed to an aggressive, comprehensive approach to end human trafficking. The organization provides prevention education and resources to help prevent human trafficking. According to the organization’s website, every hour 34 individuals enter a life of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, and sexual exploitation is a problem in EVERY town.

The LifeGuard Group believes that part of the problem is that people often don’t know what human trafficking is in modern terms. They believe that when people hear about human trafficking, most people imagine dungeons and chains and rarely think cellphones and blackmail. The group says people often think stolen children and dark, sinister rooms, and rarely think “free” children in their own homes.

The organization works hard to encourage people to get involved by confronting apathy, avoiding fear and doing what they can to make a difference in our community.Visit their booth at the Women’s Fair to learn more about the resources the group has available, as well as more about all the ways you can become involved in the fight to end human trafficking.