2020 Featured Non-Profits

Welcome to the Missoula Women’s Fair 2020 Featured Non-Profits

Featured Non-Profits at the Women’s Fair!

Each year, the Women’s Fair features local non-profit organizations that provide much-needed services to women, children and families in our community. Through the event, we feature each non-profit with an exhibitor space and the opportunity to speak on stage about their organization. In addition to raising awareness, we also raise funds for these organizations through the prize packages that are raffled off at the Women’s Fair. 100% of the money raised is donated equally to each organization. We look for non-profits that help women and families succeed in their everyday lives.

In the past, we have featured organizations like the YWCA of Missoula, the Jadyn Fred Foundation, Partnership for Children, Mountain Home, the Girls Way, Tamarack Grief Resource Center, the Playground Project, Missoula Aging Services, Zootown Arts Community Center, CASA of Missoula, the Flagship Program, Living Arts of Montana, Silver Lining Foundation, Hellgate Rollergirls, Austen Martell Memorial Mud Bog and Tough Trucks and MCT, inc.

In order to support their efforts, the Women’s Fair helps to increase awareness of these non-profits so you will learn more and get involved. The work that these special organizations do would not be possible without the generous support of supporters and donors right here in our local community.

Here’s a bit about our 2020 Featured Non-profit Organizations!

Girls on Shred

Girls on Shred, a division of the Montana Skatepark Association, seeks to empower female and non-binaries through free skateboard and snowboard clinics around Montana. 

The organization, established in 2010, wants to enable young people to experience the exhilaration of taking their first board out for a spin and the excitement of feeling the wind rush through their hair, moments that the founders of Girls on Shred believe give us life.

“They have built an incredible community that is based on supporting each other, and building confidence for all ages. They are amazing.”

Girls on Shred holds their board sports clinics to help teach attendees learn new tricks on the slopes or in the skateparks while helping them find their place in a community. Girls on Shred hopes to enable these young people to feel safe and empowered to push themselves on and off their skateboard.

Buckets of Love

Buckets of Love is a non-profit that is focusing on getting youth access to mental health services and access to programs that aid in the development of self-care and coping skills that will last a lifetime. 

“No child, regardless of ability to pay should be limited in mental health care.” 

Founding Buckets of love was a personal passion for its organizers – as they have all experienced mental instability or seen people close to them lose themselves to their present pain. It is their goal that through the use of mental health services and programs, youth will develop self-awareness and mental health strength as they grow into the future of society. 

As the years go by, statistics continue to show that young people are at continued risk for mental illness and suicide. Mental health is just as important, maybe even more important than any other kind of care. Buckets of Love is giving love to those who need it the most because they believe that the future is in their hands, and we all want it to be bright. 

Visit with these amazing organizations at the 2020 Missoula Women’s Fair to learn more about how you can get involved.